We recommend washing and moisturizing your face before your makeup  appointments, having clean hair for your hair services and for Making your you are showered and exfoliated prior to your Spray Tan. Please have a place to sit with some room for your artist to layout their professional  kit whether its for makeup, the spray tan tent or the hair supplies!

how do i prepare for my appointment?

Yes, the cost of hair is included in the pricing. We require 50% deposit when you book your appointment, and the remainder cost paid 24 hours before your appointment. 

is the cost of hair included in the extension pricing?

When you book your appointment, you will pay for your service. However if it is an extension appointment, you will be able to put down 50% deposit, and if its a subscription you will pay monthly. 

when is my deposit for my appointment required?

The perfect tan does not come without proper care before and after application. Four rules to follow to experience a smoother, longer lasting tan.

1. Exfoliation
2. Development 
3. Hydration

how do i properly care for a spray tan?

Of course! We work with groups big or small, and also individuals.

are you able to do WEDDINGS/ LARGe EVENTS?

Yes, we offer on site location outside of Ohio.  Get in touch with our team for more information on travel pricing. 

Do you travel outside of northeast ohio?

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